Friday, August 31, 2012

Furbaby Friday {v.5}

It's Friday and we all know what that means! Time for some furbabies! This week's guest blogger is Stacy from her blog A Look Into Me. Her blog is adorable so seriously go check her out.

Here's how Stacy describes herself:

Southern, single, Christian girl born and raised in Charleston, SC. Love my family and my friends and meeting new people!

Now on to the furbabies!

Meet Julio and Kally!


Julio was an unexpected addition to our little family. He belonged to my coworker and friend and was not a fan of her three kids. One Friday night while sitting around the bonfire with him in my lap- she asked if I wanted to take him for the weekend to see how he reacted to my dog, Kally. Already loving him- I said sure! By Saturday morning, I knew he was there to stay! I was in love, Kally was ecstatic and her kids were happy to see him gone!

Julio came to my home 2 weeks before my Papa passed. Y’all don’t understand the connection, but my Papa was a Chihuahua lover! He had about 10 in his home! While I do NOT believe in reincarnation- I do believe God gave me this little snuggle boy to remind me that my Papa is always with me.

Now Julio knows no difference than being in our house! He thinks he’s tough and is the size of his 45 pound sister and will growl and bark at ya like he owns the place! Some days I think he does! 

He is my snuggler- he must fall asleep touching me; usually my legs, then I wake up with him on my shoulder and in my neck. Quickly followed by a wake up kiss on the nose!!


Kally is my SPCA pup! I had just moved out of my parent’s house and living with my cousin in our first apartment. I stopped by our local SPCA to “just look” when I fell in love with these eyes!

I called my mom and cousin in tears and was unable to leave her. My mom laughed and said “told ya so” on only going to visit and my cousin was a doll and said if I pay for her, she can come! So I started the paperwork.

I quickly realized that this was no ordinary beagle… this girl has some walker dog in her! Ever heard of walker dogs? I’m from the South and I hadn’t- but YEAH- walkers look just like beagles, but are much, much bigger!! Perfect hunting dogs!!

But Miss Kally would never make it as a hunting dog! She is a princess and she knows it! She likes to be under the covers with her head on the pillow and will growl if you move her during the night. Don’t mess with Miss Priss!!

She thinks she’s her brother’s size- her 7 pound Chihuahua brother- and will lay right on your chest and look like, “you wanted to breathe?”

She is the sweetest girl and such a gift! I just adore her!! She loves people and will be sure to give you kisses whenever she meets. She comes off as tough if she sees someone walking down the road, but that’s only because the doors in the way and she wants to make her way to love on you!!


Thank you Stacy for posting! Wanna come brag about your fuzzy friends? E-mail me at and you can be a guest blogger too!


  1. aw this furbaby post is so cute! i blog over at let's follow one another!

    1. Thanks for thinking my babies are cute! :-)
      I'm pretty biased too! LOL