Monday, February 4, 2013

Once Upon a Time, I Actually Did Something Over the Weekend

Yes, you heard it here first.

I, Melissa, actually went out this weekend. And, it was a blast. This may or may not go against my being antisocial lately.


This Weekend I...

Went on a fun errand run with one of my best friends, Alayna. I needed groceries and she needed supplies for a project she's doing with her class. This resulted in a conversation with a model who worked at Home Depot named Rob. Okay, he wasn't a model but he might as well have been. And when a man who looks like a God is talking about fishing and manly things, you can't help but be all hot and bothered. Am I right?

Our errand run ended with a stop into Petsmart where they were having an adoption thing. And oh jeez, I almost adopted one. His name was Jet and he was a Jack Russell and Rat Terrier mix. I seriously fell in love. But adopting a dog without my roommate's consent and the whole money thing kinda stopped me. I hope he got adopted.

{Sorry, for the blurry picture. He was skirming}

Saturday night, I got all dolled up to visit with my old landlords/friends who I just love. A simple dinner turned into an awesome girls' night.

First, I cooked some red beans and rice while sipping white wine. I have never had white wine and after trying it, I don't know why. It was yummy.

Yes, there is red beans and rice underneath that cheese and ketchup. Don't judge...

Oh, and not to mention. These girls got to entertain me while I cooked...

After dinner, the six of us went out to Ellis Park ( a horse racing park/casino) to have some drinks and gamble. Now, I am not a gambler... I lost my ten bucks (oh, yeah I know biiiig risk taker) and spent the rest of my night watching the others gamble and drinking. Speaking of drinking...

I thought I wasn't a beer drinker, but lately I've had a taste for them. I tried Bud Black Crown and I usually hate darker-ish beers but this was good.

Sunday, I worked and then relaxed and did homework while snuggling with my Prudy-bear.

How was your weekend?

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