Friday, August 31, 2012

Furbaby Friday {v.5}

It's Friday and we all know what that means! Time for some furbabies! This week's guest blogger is Stacy from her blog A Look Into Me. Her blog is adorable so seriously go check her out.

Here's how Stacy describes herself:

Southern, single, Christian girl born and raised in Charleston, SC. Love my family and my friends and meeting new people!

Now on to the furbabies!

Meet Julio and Kally!


Julio was an unexpected addition to our little family. He belonged to my coworker and friend and was not a fan of her three kids. One Friday night while sitting around the bonfire with him in my lap- she asked if I wanted to take him for the weekend to see how he reacted to my dog, Kally. Already loving him- I said sure! By Saturday morning, I knew he was there to stay! I was in love, Kally was ecstatic and her kids were happy to see him gone!

Julio came to my home 2 weeks before my Papa passed. Y’all don’t understand the connection, but my Papa was a Chihuahua lover! He had about 10 in his home! While I do NOT believe in reincarnation- I do believe God gave me this little snuggle boy to remind me that my Papa is always with me.

Now Julio knows no difference than being in our house! He thinks he’s tough and is the size of his 45 pound sister and will growl and bark at ya like he owns the place! Some days I think he does! 

He is my snuggler- he must fall asleep touching me; usually my legs, then I wake up with him on my shoulder and in my neck. Quickly followed by a wake up kiss on the nose!!


Kally is my SPCA pup! I had just moved out of my parent’s house and living with my cousin in our first apartment. I stopped by our local SPCA to “just look” when I fell in love with these eyes!

I called my mom and cousin in tears and was unable to leave her. My mom laughed and said “told ya so” on only going to visit and my cousin was a doll and said if I pay for her, she can come! So I started the paperwork.

I quickly realized that this was no ordinary beagle… this girl has some walker dog in her! Ever heard of walker dogs? I’m from the South and I hadn’t- but YEAH- walkers look just like beagles, but are much, much bigger!! Perfect hunting dogs!!

But Miss Kally would never make it as a hunting dog! She is a princess and she knows it! She likes to be under the covers with her head on the pillow and will growl if you move her during the night. Don’t mess with Miss Priss!!

She thinks she’s her brother’s size- her 7 pound Chihuahua brother- and will lay right on your chest and look like, “you wanted to breathe?”

She is the sweetest girl and such a gift! I just adore her!! She loves people and will be sure to give you kisses whenever she meets. She comes off as tough if she sees someone walking down the road, but that’s only because the doors in the way and she wants to make her way to love on you!!


Thank you Stacy for posting! Wanna come brag about your fuzzy friends? E-mail me at and you can be a guest blogger too!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Updates & 7 Questions

Two posts in one day, yep.

Before getting into the updates on my life ( 'Cause we all know that's what you all want to hear...) I am linking up with Gentri Lee for her 7 Questions. So head on over and you can link up too!

1. Hamburger or Hotdog? (veggie versions count)

I am a full on hamburger girl. There seriously is nothing better than a big juicy burger...
2. If you had to live on any other planet in our solar system, besides Earth, which would you choose?

Saturn because God liked it, so he put a ring on it.

3. Share a photo of an outfit that represents your personal style, please. (doesn't have to be of you)

This is sad but I don't really have a personal style. I am a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl.
4. Would you rather get ready for the day or get ready for bed?

Get ready for the day because you have that feeling of it's a new day so that's always better than "I'm tired, where's my bed?"

5. You have to choose between never having eyelashes or never having eyebrows, which would you choose?

I love my eyelashes but you can always buy fake ones so I choose never having eyelashes.

6. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I would love to be a full time writer or even better, novelist. But no matter what I do, I just hope I get to be a mom.

7. Do you set your clocks right on time, or a few minutes ahead or behind?
My clock is always set right on time.


Now, time for some updates.

I am a week into my senior year and so far, so good. I've been having trouble being motivated to do homework but that will wear off eventually. All of my classes are really interesting so going to class hasn't been a chore.

Between classes and work though, I still have not gotten my room unpacked. It's driving me crazy! I just want my room in order. Kenzie [my roommate] have started ordering fun stuff to put on the walls to make our senior pad all cute and stuff. So once the place is finished, I will be sure to have pictures up because it is going to look awesome.

It's weird having a "big person" apartment but it's so great and it helps that my roommate is my best friend. Also, Prudence is adjusting well. I was worried I was gonna have to do some retraining but she's picked up on things pretty quick. She's only had one accident so I think that's pretty darn good for a puppy thrown into a new home so quickly.

Welp, that's all for now. I leave you with a few pictures:
My last first day of school

Pru watching the rain

The roomie and me before class

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

PYHO: The Single Life

I probably could have come up with a more awesome title than that but ya can't beat plain and simple right?

This week I am linking my post up with Shell for "Pour Your Heat Out" on her amazing blog, Things I Can't Say.

We all read the bloggers who are married or engaged or involved in some way with a significant other. It's fun to hear about their cute love stories and see the pictures that make us go awwwww.

But what about the single people?

In 5 years, I had been single a total of 2 months. I spent almost 3 years in one relationship and 2 in another. So when that second relationship ended I felt that panic of "But I don't even know how to be single anymore." It was an awful feeling and in all honesty, I felt lost. I mean the last time I was full on single was when I was 17 and I am a pretty different person at 22.

I've discovered it's easy to blame yourself. I mean I've spent a lot of time doing that. My friends are getting married and engaged and settling down and here I am back at square one. Something is wrong with me for sure. But that isn't the case.

My friend Alayna said something to me that made it click:

"You and I both know that you deserve only the best. And if the best person for you right now is yourself then that's okay!"

That's exactly the case. The best person for me right now is myself and I'm starting to embrace that. It's easy to hold on to the past and the what ifs but there's a strength that comes out of embracing the time you have with yourself and making it a way to fall in love with yourself.

When I was 17, the world was a different place for me and I was a different girl and now it's time to get to know "me" again. The grown up version. It's time to fall in love with myself again.

Why should I let myself sit and pine over not having a guy in my life when my perfect match stares at me in the mirror every morning?

There is no lack of love in my life. I have a beautiful life with great friends and family. I am a happy person and that all that matters. Just because I don't have a man, that doesn't mean I'm lonely or that my life has any less love than someone who is married.

I love reading people's love stories. But I have a love story too-- The story of how I fell in love with the best person for me, myself.

And just for fun, here's some empowering stuff for all you single folks out there:
Single-Natasha Bedingfield

There ya go, a whole post about being single and I didn't mention or refer to "Single Ladies" once... oops.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Social =]

Sunday Social

All right folks, it's my first time linking up with Sunday Social. If ya wanna join, head on over to Neely's blog!

1. What is the first website you log on to each day?
Okay, I admit, I am one of these people.... Facebook. I check it sometimes before I even get in the shower along with a quick glance at my email.

2. Give us some funny websites you visit that we need to know about
Hmm... Texts From Last Night can be interesting. That's all I can think of from the top of my head.
3. Pinterest or Facebook? Why?
This is hard. I like Facebook because it lets me keep up with what's going on with my friends and family but sometimes Facebook can be overwhelmed with stupidity so when I'm not in the mood to see stupid political things or read people whining or causing drama, I prefer Pinterest.

4. Twitter or Instagram? Why?
Once again, a hard one. Twitter allows me to connect with my bloggy friends but Instagram allows me to make my pictures awesome. haha. But I'll go with Twitter because I really do love connecting with my blogger friends.

5. Favorite youtube it!
I wouldn't say it's my favorite [how do you pick a favorite?] but here ya go:

6. Biggest online pet peeve?

DRAMA. I can not emphasize this enough. I hate people who have balls because they're behind a computer screen so they start stuff for no reason. Seriously, grow up and get some real world gonads.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Furbaby Friday {v.4}

Hello lovelies. I know I have been gone for a bit but I will be back soon :)

For now however, I turn things over to the wonderful Britt. So go check out her beautiful blog (seriously, the girl is talented) and follow her!

First off, thank you so much to Melissa {whom I recently learned is not just my blogging neighbor but also my actual neighbor} for allowing me to guest post on her lovely blog!

I am Britt from Yellow Umbrella, and I would love to say hello and tell you a little about myself.  I am a self-taught freelance graphic designer who absolutely loves her job.  I am also all about good music, dark strong coffee, amazing books, and of course my lovely dogs.  On my blog you will find graphic design freebies, music and book info, fashion, and a few other things I enjoy!  Stop by anytime to say hello!

I love my dogs, and I hate to let you know but I have the best babies in the entire world!

Ok yes, I realize all animal lovers think that of their babies, but I really do. ;)

This is Bandit, my 6 year old Jack Russell Terrier.

He is loyal, protective, cuddly, stubborn, and playful.

Did I mention he is adorable?

This is Lola, my almost 4 year old Jack Russell Terrier mixed with...well I am not sure.

She is crazy, smart, beautiful, funny, and loving.
Do you ever wonder what your furbabies would say if they could actually talk?
Those who have met my dogs laugh with me at there abundant personalities and will joke along with me at what they possibly could be thinking.
I thought it would be fun to share some pictures with captions of what they might be saying if they could talk.

Why is everything so big?

Bacon? Bacon? I smell bacon.

This will teach you to stop taking pictures of me!

I will get that stinkin' dog once I get out of this fence.

Brother couldn't get through but I think I can!

That's the spot!

Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone I actually do love my sis.

See, I look so innocent when I am asleep.

Yum! Southern Sweet Tea!

Yep, this is how I deal with a hot day.

I couldn't help myself, it smelled too good!


REMEMBER: If you would like to be a guest blogger for Furbaby Friday, just shoot me an e-mail at It's just that simple.   Have a wonderful Friday!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Forget Waldo, Where's Melissa?

Hey lovelies!
You've probably noticed I've been gone a bit. So I'm using my handy dandy smartphone to let you know where in the world I've been.
I've been in the process of moving so I don't have internet at this moment.
BUT I will be back later this week for new apartment pictures, link ups, and a Furbaby Friday.
So be excited... very excited. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Furbaby Friday! {v.3}

Welcome to another installment of Furbaby Friday! Unfortunately, I don't have a guest blogger for today so you're stuck with me! Thankfully, it gives me a chance to make a wee little announcement :)

But first, tune in next week for our next guest blogger, Britt from Yellow Umbrella. Her blog is amazing so go ahead and check it out!

Now, on to cuteness overload.

Today's post will feature our first cat, this little guy:

As many of my readers know, for the summer I have been fostering a kitten for one of my coworkers. Well, it turns out she can't keep him and was planning to take him out to a farm.

I'm sure he ould have been happy living out on a farm, but I had grown so attached to him and he seems to have made himself very comfortable with me so you can guess, I wanted to keep him.

Well, since I am moving soon, it would have been a $200 dollar deposit and $20 extra a month in rent on top of that same expense for my dog so I was sure I was gonna have to give him up. BUT it turns out, my landlords (more like family friends whom I was renting from) said they would keep him until I graduate and can take him. So he is officially my kitty!

He is such a great cat. And it's amazing how affectionate he is because his life did not start off so great. He was found abandoned by a women's house that my coworker knew. He was very dirty and matted and on top of that, had an eye infection. He was in such poor shape, the woman was going to euthanize him but my coworker said she would take him and would nurse him back to health. Now he is a very healthy kitty and the only remnants of his tough life are his two slightly different colored eyes from the infection.

He makes me laugh so much because sometimes he will just fall asleep anywhere and cuddle with anything around. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen a cat do.

He really is a wonderful cat and that goes to show that EVERY animal deserves a second chance.  <3>
Now, since he is my cat now, I want to change his name. His name now is Kilgharra after a dragon from Merlin. I love the idea, but I'm just not into Merlin so now I'm asking my followers to help name my cat! Submit your suggestion in the comments and I will pick the one I like best.

That's all for this edition of Furbaby Friday.

REMEMBER: If you have a pet or love someone else's, come be a guest blogger for Furbaby Friday! In order to keep this animal loving segment going, I need bloggers. So please keep it alive by grabbing the button(in my sidebar) and sharing it with bloggers you know love their pets!

If you'd like to be a guest blogger, email me at:

Until next time animal lovers!

p.s As you've noticed, my e-mail has changed! I figured this one is easy to remember. Also, I have added a little form to my contact page that allows you to email me straight from my blog. So come say hi!