Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Ten

Linking up again with Lin and Amber for Ten on Tuesday. Join in!

 How I Met Your Mother was a repeat last night. I was not happy.

Catfish was a new episode. Honestly, I think it's awesome that they feature gay couples too. And Nev is just uber cute.
Yesterday was my only day off of the week and I would say that I was productive. You'll get to see my day off hour by hour tomorrow!

I have a 2500 creative non-fiction piece due tomorrow which I haven't even started. Procrastination rules my life.

For my media class, I have to write and film a public service announcement. My topis is pet adoption. You beeter believe I will be staying away from Sarah Mclaughlin music... I wanna make it funny but sweet. Any suggestions? What would YOU want to see in a pet adoption ad?

My outline for my novel is being workshopped in class tomorrow... I think I'm going to pee myself.

It's official... I'm a Hoosier. I got my state I.D last week.

I swear I have been the most anti-social person ever lately. The only person I have wanted anything to do with lately is my roommate and that's only because I live with her. No clue what my deal is.
I think being single makes people try harder. I swear if I was in a relationship right now, I'd be sitting here in sweats and no make up. But nope, I woke up this morning and tried. That should be our motto.... single people, we try!

This song has been stuck in my head all week...

Welp, there's my 10. Have a good day everyone and tune in tomorrow for a day in the life of me!


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  1. 1. Still have never ever seen that show.
    2. Damn, I feel so out of the cool loop cause I've never seen this one either :/
    4. Ick. Good luck with that.
    8. Girl, we've all been there.
    9. If you dont put yourself out there you'll never catch a fish ;)