Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Day in My Life

Hey everyone!

So floating around the blogoshere is a challenge where you document your day by taking one photo every hour from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep. It looked fun so here is my "Day in the Life." I documented this past Monday since it was my day off. Enjoy :)

Note: Since I only get one day off a week, I will warn you this might bore you. just sayin'

Monday January 28, 2013:

8 a.m- Up and dressed for class. I will not leave the hhouse without coffee.

9 a.m- Victorian Literature. We're reading North and South

10 a.m- Work Study. Unpacking books received in the mail.

11 a.m- Still at work study...

12 to 2 p.m- Usually at 1 I have my humor writing class, but it was cancelled. So for two hours I did homework and read blogs.

2 pm- Senior Sem wooo

3 pm- Waiting for the bus

4pm- Cleaning my room

5 p.m- In order to do laundry, I had to go to the gas station and bargain for quarters.

6p.m- Cleaned Ted's fish tank while waiting for my friend Alayna to come over

7 p.m- How I Met Your Mother!

8pm- Time to fold and hang up allll that laundry

9 pm- made a late dinner for the roomie and I

10 p.m- The Daily Show

11 pm- F.R.I.E.N.D.S and homework

12am- Settled in and watched Catfish before bed

1 a.m- Bed time

Welp, as you can see it was a relaxing and productive day off!

Until next time...


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